Creative Balance Healing (part of The WellBeing Practice group) organically evolved as the need for metaphysical acumen and the demand for integrity and professional expertise increased and increased.


Whilst there are countless practitioners across the world, there is only one that can substantiate the multi-layered skillset that is available at Creative Balance Healing. Something that was undertaken daily as "normal" soon was realised to be something rather extra-ordinary and not common at all. These gifts opened the door to a familiar world but one, unknown to the rest. 


Creative Balance Healing is this door to an incredible world of Metaphysics, providing unlimited possibility and answers that defy logic, surpassing those that play with pretty labels and fame; Creative Balance Healing heals, resolves and helps the thousands that want help, real help, and will only accept the very best there is to offer.


The Metaphysical world in which Creative Balance Healing works is actually present in almost every person's life every day, often unknown to them. The common occurrances such as a simple illness, depletion of energy, regular nightmares or mental illness symptions may be something else altogether. Then there are those with aches and pains that are present however, have no explanation or cure, through to behaviour that is strange for that person or it can be as simple as feeling angry all of the time and seeming to have no reason. Whatever it is for you, there is always a reason, but it may not be what you expect it to be.


Creative Balance Healing has the ability to remove the dark - be it an illness, a possession, emotional disturbance, negative energy or worse, and convert this to light. Someimes this can be simple and straight forward, whereas other times this can be a lot more complex. This is a unique ability that really, next to no one, can do properly, safely and as thoroughly.


Creative Balance Healing is run by the Original Shaman - the first Shaman, Hally Rhiannon-Nammu; backed with an undeniable expanse of experience, knowledge and complete enlightenment, that whatever you have happening is just another day. It is for this reason that Creative Balance Healing is the best in the industry throughout the globe. It is for this reason that where others lost hope, had no answers or gave up, Creative Balance Healing was borne.