As the leader in the Healing and Well Being Industry with a extensive background in Finance, Management, Operations, Human Resources and Training as well as running a number of Start-Ups before opening her own business(s), Hally can help you build your business.

Do you want to develop passive income but not sure how?

Do you want to understand a niche market and what yours is?

Do you want to make a living in this industry?

Then book in with Hally for an obligation free discussion on how she can take your business from an idea to a living lifestyle by calling: 1300 64 5564 / 0488 88 0077. Additionally, learn the secrets to using your spiritual self in your business to amplify your goals and exceed your targets.


WANT MORE? Ready for some serious help, take the leap into building a successful business, learn from the expert how to become a leader in this industry, book in with Hally and make your business more than a simple idea; make it your life.


Want to be Spiritually aligned and Successful in your Business - Hally is the person to help you!

"Spirituality in Business" - NETWORK MEET-UP

Spirituality is an amazing topic and a journey of discovery and insight. When running your own business every little bit helps. Can you imagine the benefits of using your own connection with Spirituality to help you.


The meet-up via the group on FaceBook, presently only in Melbourne Australia, would be suited to those that are curious about spirituality, already embracing some of this path, have their own business and are looking for “out of the box” approaches to take their goals further. The meet-up group is headed by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu, internationally recognised as a Spiritual Healer and leading Entrepreneur.

Attend a the next FREE networking event.