Several years ago I recall doing a psychic reading for someone and at that stage I didn't charge. It was something I simply did and quite frankly, something I thought everyone did. I remember her asking me if I had a flyer as she was so impressed. I told her "give me half an hour". From there Creative Balance Healing was borne.

Creative Balance Healing came as an organic evolution of Creative Balance, the Coaching/NLP/Profiling business that was started back in December 2006. Having gone through significant personal changes and challenges this saw a number of gifts and abilities come to the forefront. Acknowledging the psychic reading was only a small portion of what was happening or what came in the following days and weeks.


I found my channeling becoming deeper and more profound. I found that my gifts; my abilities were not of this world or any of the ones I visited. I opened my eyes to what I had always been, to what I had always been able to do and in this found answers to secrets beyond my own comprehension. It is here that my research coincided with the akashic records and my shamanic path I unearthed. I learned lessons I already knew and skills that were dormant.


I realise I am unlike many others out there and it is so that my purpose and path reflect this. I am a Shaman and one of the originals. This I know in all that I am and all that I can do. My gifts are not for popularity or fame; they are to help the greater good, be it one person at a time or several hundred.


My own story is not what is important here but what has been created to help others through my divine abilities. I became enlightened several years ago and I found the door to unearth much that needs to be shared. This is where I created Creative Balance Therapy to become the voice in therapy to help those requiring healing of the mind, be it through soul, the body or the literal mind. I also created Spiritually Sexually You, better termed Creative Balance Sexually. The key to sexual energy and life force energy. I know the history of sexual energy and in addition to sharing the techniques of pleasure and the overcoming of trauma or abuse, this division enables and teaches the empowerment and reconnection of much needed Sexual energy.