Curses and possessions are something that have been around for many thousands of years. Some from cultures that are familiar and others from old movies portraying supernatural possibilities. Both are very serious and need proper treatment.


To remove and help in both of these areas it cannot be taken lightly and an indepth understanding is the bare minimum. Because of the multitude of versions to curses and possessions, there are specific ways to remove and heal the person. In a number of cases harm has already been done to the person and the extent will depend on how long this has been going on. It is more than a simple extraction. This is why an exorcism is often dangerous because it can be at the cost of the host i.e. death.


Creative Balance Healing works more thoroughly and in a way to save the person whilst ensuring that all unwanted guests and intentions are successfully removed, permanently. No one else works with this comprehensive manner or skillset and this is why Creative Balance Healing has always had such great success in this area.


Understanding Curses:

Curses were commonly associated with the Egyptians and their death rituals in order to protect and deflect from their next life. Some versions came from the times of the witch burnings and then there was another familiar version of curses, associated with the celtic gypsies and the gypsies of Romania and Eastern Europe. These were known to be particularly potent and even a simple bad word from a gypsy could cause still births and death. Curses in history find their way into a multitude of cultures and even into the depth of Hoodoo and New Orleans. There are many variations and many supersititions that have kept many hiding in fear, but this however, does not protect one from a curse.


Curses are dangerous, potent and not to be taken lightly. There is one thing to wish a bad intention but a curse is something else altogther. There is a distinct difference; when being cursed, if it is not removed properly, it is something that can harm you and many generations after. Some span across many lifetimes and removing them takes a lot more than hoping for the best.

Understanding Possessions:

Possession has become rather common affecting anywhere from one in five to one in three. The symptoms are similar to that of mental illness through to a bad flu. There are some that believe they can remove possession however, there are so many variations and the practitioner must know how to keep you and themselves safe, without physical contact. Most cannot. Most don't. Then there are some that work distantly via the astral completely missing all the myriad of frequencies in between and doing more harm than good; or the most common is to send the possession to the light, which is the worst possible thing to do. 


There is a distinct reason why Creative Balance Healing is the best in this area and that is because of the extent of experience and expertise. It is having the ability to understand every version and know exactly what to do to remove them permanently, for life. If this removal is not done properly it can result in depression, skizophrenia, bi-polar (in some cases) or suicide. It starts simple enough and they can be dormant for years however, once present, time is of the essence. When your life is on the line, get the expert that can actually help you.