Creative Balance Healing is now offering exclusively: the Divine Teaching Program. It is comprehensive and extensive, catering to your personal aspirations and providing practical implementation specific to you.


Initially the program enabled activation of gifts and development of general methods such as reading cards, working with crystals, dowsing through to running your own meditations and creating powerful manifestations. Over time, it became clear that there is much more on offer that will take you beyond these basic skills into the Divine within you, within the Collective.


This particular program still offers these simple steps onto your unique spiritual path, however, what is incredible about this program is the extent and the layers that you can now undertake. What commonly happens with many when exploring the spiritual or developing their gifts on a deeper level, or even travelling into the unknown realms, is that they find themselves lost, confused, out of their body and unable to come back, or worse.


This program allows you to take your path openly and with safety precautions enabling you to take full advantage of your access to the Original Shaman and the unlimited knowledge you have available.


The program is completely personalised to you and it can be run from 4 to 12 weeks. It can be face to face or over the phone. There will also be the implementation of practical exercises throughout the duration to help you master your focus. 


Develop all of your Clairs, learn to Astral Travel, engage in Mediumship or embrace the Divine in universal completion. Whatever your path, your curiosity or the burning energy that is running through you with flashes of what you can do, this program will help you be that and so much more.