Energy Healing is a powerful and unique way to help you heal and regain vital balance. While the method is gentle in its delivery, it is no less affective in the results that you can achieve.


Energy Healing includes a range of different methods from: sound healing, colour therapy, sensory healing to transe therapy. Energy Healing is a popular option because of its simplicity and how diverse it is in the areas it can heal.


Often when you are stressed, your immune is low and you are feeling run down or perhaps you haven't been sleeping well because your mind has been overactive just as you try to go to sleep, this is where Energy Healing can help.


Each person has their own natural frequency. As you evolve through life with wisdom, lessons and experiences this frequency tends to change. It is an extension of your core values and as such, there is a level that is comfortably yours. However, when you are not well, such as described above, this affects your natural frequency causing this to drop and then creating susceptibility for infections and other illnesses. It is like your natural barriers drop and negative energies and viruses can enter.


Energy Healing removes all of this and helps to bring your frequency back to its natural level. Often this method will help to you understand what has happened and what measures to take to keep your frequency where it needs to be. Energy Healing is a diverse and beautiful way to regain health and vitality. At Creative Balance Healing you have the best that is available in the industry.