Have you ever moved into a new home and it just didn't feel right? Perhaps over time when you walk in the door it feels heavy and this sense of lethargy overcomes you but you can't quite shake why. Yet, when you walk out of the door you feel lighter, often putting it down to it simply being a sunny day. 


Your house is filled with energy and over time this energy becomes stagnant, heavy and will in time become heavier. In some situations this has turned into something completely unwanted. However, at the stage of feeling as though there isn't enough flow, too much heaviness and sometimes a smell that in itself feels draining, this is what a House Cleansing is perfect for.


A House Cleansing is literally cleansing the energies that have become stuck and creating flow within the home enabling positive, fresh energy to come through. Of course, there is more to this. Some like to use a smudge stick or athame to do this, which is generally affective. However, Creative Balance Healing isn't satisifed with only a couple of layers of energy; doing all of them is much better and that is why the House Cleansing by Creative Balance Healing covers exactly what you need to keep your home a home for years to come ensuring that no unwanted guests can ever enter. 


Another crucial part of the cleansing is the blessing. This isn't religious, it is based on your intentions on how you want your home to feel, what you want to welcome and what you don't. This is what connects your house to you creating the difference between a house and a home. The house has its own energy and this is why a blessing is an important part.


It is recommended to undertake your House Cleansing when you initially move in or when there has been any significant changes (friends or family staying over or being away for an extended time). Once this intial Cleansing is done, it is simply a matter of maintaining around every six months, depending on the extent of visitors. Your home will be forever grateful enabling positivity and abundance to be ever-present for you and your family.


If you like to take your House Blessing into your own hands, after the initial intensive cleanse, Creative Balance Healing designed a beautiful: House Blessing Kit precisely for this - to maintain and keep your house a home. Feel safe in your home every day that you live there. Know that your family is safe every minute of the day. This is the perfect way to ensure this is always the case.