Medical Intuition is the utilization of a focused intuitive ability to “read” and “diagnose” the energetic information in and around the human body. Medical Intuition is the bridge between alternative and western (allopathic) medicines because it enables energy to provide solutions where other equipment sometimes cannot. 


Your energy level is the frequency at which your body exists. This changes through stress and illness. This also means that where there is an injury or illness this part of the body's energy will be different. Over time, the depletion of energy or the lethargy that comes from any form of prolonged stress will demonstrate a drop in frequency and overall change your unique energy. As a Medical Intuitive, all of this is picked up right down to what is causing this, (often not physical) on a mental or emotional level - this method can be extremely accurate.


Using this technique to help you is a faster way of gaining awareness to what is going on and how to start healing yourself. Creative Balance Healing not only identifys what this is but how to heal as well. This means that you are covered from the moment you walk in the door. Creative Balance Healing is known for the accuracy and reliability in this area, often being in demand for this alone.


Feeling fed up with having pains and aches that won't go away, that has no proper diagnosis for you to do anything about, or perhaps you have an idea but it continues to reappear - then this is definitely for you. Whatever your challenge, Creative Balance Healing can help you and your family.