Metaphysics essentially is the study of the core components of the universe, often seen as the "first philosophy" to understanding the broader and more difficult questions to existence and life. Some see it as the fundamental nature of all reality. 


Metaphysics, in the context used at Creative Balance Healing, is all about going beyond the normal, traditional means to achieve balance and harmony for you, while incorporating the myriad of levels, planes, dimensions that encompass existence. In other words, it is using universal sources, energies and connections to assist and heal enabling holistic health.


This means that the work is deeper, more profound and gets to the core providing better results and more comprehensive solutions to situations that normally would take a life time to resolve.


Below are three options that will provide an abundance of scope to what is going on for you:


Shamanic Soul Work is a deep process, different to many other things in that there are no limitations to this work. It can be done distantly or face to face due to its intensity.


Shamanic Soul Work can be used for soul retrieval, soul reconnection, soul healing, improving soul connections between family members or relationships enabling stronger and cleaner bonds and it can be used to remove possession on an ethereal level. Other versions include cutting chords and spiritual alignment. 


Of course, there are many more aspects to Soul Work because it is so unconditional and pure that whatever is done on a soul level can impact you deeply on a conscious level. 


Medical Intuitive Work assists in finding what the physical problem is and why it has been created. This is more than simply pin pointing the condition. It is looking deeper into get to the root cause of this and helping you move out of this.


Additionally, it is providing you with ways of healing on all levels so prevent this from occurring again.


Often physical illnesses are created through psychological need to cope with situations, on an unconscious level (unknown to you) to help you and protect you. But after a certain time this becomes the only way and this means the illness becomes worse and worse.


Medical Intuitive Work will help you gain answers, insight and help you heal.


Past Life Work covers more than simple regression, it also entails healing and awareness. It is accessing areas relevant to where you are right now that are impacting you to the point that you cannot move forward. Strangely this is more common than many realise.


Past Life Work is a process that enables you to go into what is going on while maintaining consciousness, so you have complete control. It also helps you understand why you are where you are and provides avenues on removing the past life from this present one.


Sometimes there is more than one that is impacting and this process ensures that what you walk away with is your present, complete life and the ability to live it fully.