Every year it is important to recognise the shift intensity where global healing and internal balancing can take place. One of these powerful times is celebrated one June 21st - the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere. Because of this powerful Solstice I will be holding an online (webinar style) guided meditation on 21st June at 10am AEST. The meditation will run for approximately 30-60 minutes and is welcome to anyone anywhere in the world.


I am a big believer and supporter of combined energies with a beautiful intention so be sure to come with the vision of what you bring for yourself and this will carry through to everyone else. Now that is incredible!!



Simply register, and if you like make a donation in honour of this

celebration, this time of the year where beauty and power become one.

Email your details through with the timezone so I can let you know the exact moment to connect.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or anything

you would like included in the mediation.


I am really excited to be holding this yearly powerful meditation for all, across the Globe for the universal world.



Hally xx


Spiritual Guru/Shaman

Holistic Transpersonal Therapist

Master Sexual Therapist