There is such diversity when it comes to the Metaphysical, Spiritual, Energetic and Paranormal. As the door opens into possibility which leads into exploration and practice, the extent simply grows ten fold as each step is taken. It is a truly incredible area to help you grow, heal and unite in oneness.


Creative Balance Healing is proud to provide three unique options below for you, each with a direction that will enable exactly what you need and want. 


Allow yourself to protect yourself from psychic attacks, negativity or worse; discover and learn about the essence and myriad of avenues of the Divine, through to unique, exclusive products designed and personalised to you, for you. Choose one, choose all. It will always be right for you.


This program was created through popularity and demand. With the ever-changing energies and the growing awareness, it is becoming almost inevitable that your environment may take a toll on you energetically and emotionally.


Psychic Protection is all too easily overlooked. Most do not include safety measures let alone setting up protection. As such, this can potentially subject you to extensive damage from dark energy or worse.


This unique program is designed to help you specifically and personally to provide you with the best tools to protect you, your family and deflect unwanted energies. Take back your energy and get empowered.


There are many courses and programs around, but none quite like this. It has been a favourite with many due to its comprehensive subject range and the way that it helps you to not only gain insight, learn incredible tools, activate your gifts, but also learn to use them practically, safely and in your day to day life.


There is no doubt that gifts are a fun party trick, however, using them to help your family, to help yourself move forward towards what matters it becomes clear very quickly that life without this insight would not be the same.


The beauty of this program is its flexibility, its personalising and the exclusive material, that is not available anywhere else. Gain hands-on experience and embrace your Divine.


With the extensive knowledge and expertise provided by Hally, Creative Balance Healing has an exclusive and unique range available.


What is so wonderful about these products is the amazing fact that they do more than help you on a superficial level. They have the ability to connect with your higher-self and provide in-depth benefits that will last for hours afterwards.


Each product that is available will always be personalised to you when it is ordered. This means that the essential oil blends are programmed, the meditations are intune to your vibration and so on.


Order your beautiful products from the Original Shaman. They will be as powerful as you need and want them to be.