Creative Balance Healing is a proud division of the The WellBeing Practice Group. This is the evolution of the Creative Balance Group that commenced this incredible journey back in 2006.  The WellBeing Practice is the umbrella practice to the three specialist areas providing traditional and metaphysical methods. Because of the many, many areas within each specialisation, each division enables focused healing and help specific to you and your family.


The WellBeing Practice became the transformed version back in 2014 due to the success with the diversity, integration of methods and the extent of healing that was achieved in areas thought impossible. It became clear that The WellBeing Practice was needed to cater to the every day challenge and everything in between on much deeper level, highlighting the reputable integrity, the judgement-free compassion and the incredible extent of what is on offer. There really is no other like The WellBeing Practice and it's three unique and powerful divisions.


These divisions, including The Wellbeing Practice, enable complete personalisation and the renowned holistic approach that has become recognised with the professional and expert delivery provided to every client on every level.

Creative Balance Therapy

Creative Balance Therapy is the evolution of Creative Balance. It takes the essence of behavioural change methods and combines with the gentle approach of counseling and therapy to provide a comprehensive therapeutic delivery to any and all situations focused on all areas of the mind and the psychological. 


From depression, addiction and anxiety to mental illness; from overwhelming stress to struggling with motivation, this is where talking is more than venting; it provides tools to change your life for the rest of your life. 


Get the therapy that actually works, not in years, but weeks and months. 

Spiritually Sexually You
Creative Balance Sexually presents: Spiritually Sexually You (SSY). SSY evolved from the demand and need for help in all sexual matters. Sexual therapy, provided by SSY, is crucial to having healthy relationships, improved self esteem, confidence, communicating effectively, vitality and fulfillment in life. It is creating solutions to the reasons that these barriers, issues and challenges exist. This goes beyond physical performance and more often than not, to the heart of each person and who they are individually. 
From overcoming sexual confusion, sexual abuse, trauma, sexual illnesses, sexual performance complications and much more, SSY is the recognised industry leader and expert for you.
The Wellbeing Practice
The WellBeing Practice is the head office to the other 3 incredible divisions.
After the success of the other Creative Balance divisions, it became clear that something more was needed. The WellBeing Practice is the umbrella practice catered to People AND Pets. It is the first of its kind that combines traditional methods with metaphysical techniques. Offering more than healing, more than therapy; it is complete Wellbeing only the leading expert with a global presence can deliver to your whole family. Your Pets need more than healing too - behavioral aligning, re-bonding and complete support.


This is the first ever practice offering WellBeing to You and Your Loved Pets.