The Paranormal is a fascinating area that isn't as well known as you may think. Some consider the paranormal to only encompass passed spirits (ghosts) but often miss the many versions that actually exist.


The Paranormal Clearing is different to the House Cleansing. It is a lot more in depth and much more intense. Because of what is potentially present, the extent of the process is specific to the situation. This technique is exclusive to Creative Balance Healing and to continually have complete success, it is extremely elaborate and comprehensive.


Interestingly, there is a belief that Poltergeists are created telekinetically from a person in the home that is going through extreme emotional stress. But this is a nice way of saying they really have no idea. Spirits that can move objects do very much exist and rarely have anything to do with the "human" part of the house.


Consider that humans/people are on one frequency, recently passed spirits are on another, those that decide not to move on being on another frequency, then those that move physical objects being on another frequency and this goes on and on. Clearly, this is a short snippet of what generally happens.


Most that work with the paranormal (such as ghost hunters or wanna-be practitioners) miss the point about what is going on and what they are actually dealing with, often resulting in death. Without truly understanding the extent of this world, it has a tendency to end badly, particularly when trying to "hunt" them. Sadly these deaths could have been avoided.


When dealing with any form of the paranormal there are specific ways of doing this to keep the person safe and actually get rid of them permanently. Anything of a serious nature will not be done via astral or distant, it is best to cover all frequencies - in person - unless the practitioner is like Hally, which is unlikely. Every precaution is taken and every possibility considered, which is why after hundreds upon hundreds of cases, irrelevant of the extent of the paranormal situation, it has always resulted in complete success. This is who you need to help you.