The paranormal is part of today's world and isn't a new topic of conversation; however, many tend to see it as something that doesn't happen to them; or as something that was a scary movie on TV. Rarely is this translated into something that is in their home in this instant.


There are a multitude of layers to the paranormal. Some consider ghosts as the only paranormal however, that is simply one part of something that is extremely complex and diverse.


The paranormal that Creative Balance Healing mostly deals with are those that have over stayed their welcome or are creating havoc for the individual. This can be based on being present in the home (or premises) or even within the actual person. It is not uncommon to have a combination. Some think that working with a smudge stick of sage will be sufficient for such things however, for anything of a serious nature this will only cause aggrevation and potentially put you and everyone else in danger. This is why Creative Balance Healing is here - to help you remove everything from negative energies through to physical guests causing harm on every level. 


Creative Balance Healing is only one that understands every single frequency, every single plane and how to specifically deal with every single type that is around, and there are hundreds of different versions. Creative Balance Healing can guarantee that this can be done safely, completely and permanently.


Below are three of the main areas that you are likely to face. Each type (and every version in between) has already been done hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of times.


The idea of either a curse or possession seems like something that wouldn't happen to anyone you know or care about however, it is extremely common and it is on the increase.


Curses, the real type, can impact you and your family for generations usually focusing on a particular area where there is constantly bad luck. These types are very serious and are not to be taken lightly. When dealing with a curse, if done incorrectly, it can be amplified and passed on. 


Possession can, in some cases, create mental illness and there have been reported cases of around 67% that had a metaphysical reason for the illness. Though some have regular symptoms that escalate. The good part is that this can be removed and you can be healed back to your normal self. 


Both types of this assault can be removed, reversed and you can completely recover. Creative Balance Healing is renowned as the best in this area, and this is something you only want to do once.


A House Cleansing and Blessing is recommended whenever moving into a new place or when the feeling in the house becomes stagnant, heavy and lacks flow; a sense of no air. 


This can be reflective of a multitude of energies compounded over time or negativity that has imprinted into an area.


The House Cleansing and Blessing is a beautiful way to freshen the energy, enable the house to be a home and the blessing is to help you maintain the happiness in the home.


This can be done once a month or once every six months. It is recommended to be done at some point and your version of regular; otherwise this can become something more, and that is when a simple cleansing will no longer be enough.


A lot of heavy, negative energy will create more and this is a wonderful way to prevent this from happening. It is a wonderful way to keep your house, your home.


​The Paranormal Clearing is for anything that is more than negative energy. This is for when things become serious. It may be things breaking in the home, a lot of arguments, being attacked at night, intense mood swings, nightmares through to having energy depleted, headaches, ear and eye aches to stomach issues.


Whilst it varies per case, after it starts it always gets worse and this is where possession takes on a whole other meaning.


Some are negative ghosts, some are bored ghosts, some are something else altogether. Some come astrally, some don't. There is no shortage of variations. When this starts take it seriously because it can always be much worse and it is something that Creative Balance Healing has seen at its worse more than once. 


Creative Balance Healing is an expert in this area and knows how to keep you safe as well as getting rid of this permanently. Never compromise when you and your family's life is on the line.