There are many ways to access your past lives. Some are apprehensive to go down this path because of what they may find out. However, it doesn't have to be negative or scary, it can be extremely uplifting and provide you with understanding about who you are on a deeper level. It can also explain some of your fears, apprehensions and barriers that you use on daily basis.

Commonly Past Life Work is based around regression however, that is only one option. At Creative Balance Healing, the work covers all areas of your past lives, including accessing your Akashic Records through to your soul's purpose.


Again there are many methods that enable you to go down this path however, very rarely (or at all) is this all available at the same place by the same person. This means that you are not limited to how far back you go.


When it comes to past lives this is not only linear but circular. It is interesting to understand how past lives actually work when incorporating parallel lives and generation lives. All of these can be accessed and most of all, it is done safely and in a way that you can cope with. 


When you heal from a past life you provide an opening into unconditional, universal love. Something you deserve and have always been entitled to. Come explore and regain that love.