Creative Balance Healing is proud to present some beautiful and exclusive products to you. Each is designed to create positive change and assist you enhance your journey. Every product ordered will be personally programmed to you for you. 


Introducing the new PROTECTION Range - Exclusive to Creative Balance Healing.


This range is completely organic, natural and infused with the power of universal metaphysics to amplify your protection. With the increase of psychic attacks, negative entities and negative energies pushing your vibration lower, these products were created to blend simply into your life while helping you regain your energy and focus. Best of all, they are great for your skin, your mind while protecting your soul. 


Be sure to explore the other products available or simply get your PROTECTION Kit so you can focus on the important things in life rather than worrying about dealing with unwanted negative energy.

Gain Protection with this Unique & Powerful Package.

This includes:
- Body Scrub
- Body Mist
- Essential Oil Blend
- Room Spray
- Guided Meditation

Using ONLY organic and natural ingredients infused with metaphysical power & energetic tools.

This Range is EXCLUSIVE to Creative Balance Healing - you know this will be protect you!
PROTECTION - Body Mist 100ml
The Protection Body Mist is completely organic, natural & powerful.
PROTECTION - Blend 5ml
Allow the power of this blend to help protect you and your family.

Using Therapeutic Grade Oils & infused with metaphysical energies.

(Part of the "PROTECTION Range")
PROTECTION - Body Scrub 50ml
Use this beautiful organic & natural body scrub to protect you.

Helping you physically and spiritually in a way never done before.

High grade ingredients & completely organic. Infused with metaphysical power to protect your body & your soul.

(Part of the "PROTECTION Range")
PROTECTION - Room Spray 100ml
Remove negative energies & protect your space.

Original & powerful blend of organic ingredients infused with metaphysical energies.

(Using Only Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils)

(Part of the "PROTECTION Range")
PROTECTION (Auric & Chakra)
Allow yourself to Clear & Protect Your Auric Layers,

Boost your Chakra energy at the same time.

A beautiful Guided Meditation

(Part of the "PROTECTION Range")
House Blessing Kit
Freshen your home with a beautiful blessing for months to come.

Take back your home & keep your family safe with this comprehensive & simple kit.

Instructions & tools included.

Meditation Blend
Take your meditations into bliss and calm with this blend.

(Using Only Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils)
Focus Blend
Let this blend provide clarity & focus to your being.

(Using Only Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils)
Chakra Cleanse & Balance
Feel your Chakras reconnect and rebalance into harmony.

A beautiful Guided Meditation
Speak with Your Spirit Guides
Take your journey to connect & speak with Your Spirit Guides.

A beautiful Guided Meditation
Connect to the Inner Child
Journey into the Inner Child, connecting with Love.

A beautiful Guided Meditation
Book of Mirrors
Spiritual insight, meditations and manifestations.

A powerful, personal & uplifting book.
7 Common Mistakes
A wonderful book providing an insightful look into Spiritualism.

Directly channeled to provide accurate details you need to know about Spiritualism.
Join the Pieces
An advanced book literally connecting your 5 core aspects. It will change your life.

A powerful book written to create positive change including tools, exercises and integration. Worth having on your self development journey.
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Please Note: these prices include standard shipping of $15. Please allow 5 to 21 days for shipping, depending on your location. (For all overseas orders, this will incur additional shipping charges). 


If you would like to pick up, please do so from the Acland Street Practice and take the $15 off the purchase price. Please advise 48 hours prior to ensure product availability. (Book Your Meditation CD)


Terms and Conditions

These products are trademarked and completely copyright to Creative Balance Healing. The terms of purchasing any products, meditation, service or program assumes that it will be used only for personal use and development. It is illegal to replicate, copy, duplicate or pass on any content, concept or otherwise or with the intent to harm or steal. Any that would like to go down this path will find themselves with more than bad karma... enjoy the products and what they provide. No refunds are available for any purchase made however, every effort will be made to provide resolution where possible.

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