The first of this kind worldwide and secrets are revealed!!

Sexual Energy is More than Sex - Find out Why

This is the ONLY Shaman in the World providing these teachings

which are based on Ancient Traditions and Methods

With Increased Vital Energy

A Need for Techniques & Method Integrity

The POWERFUL Teaching in the Magic & Wonders of



  • Learn what sexual energy is all about and why it is so misunderstood.

  • Gain insight into the history of sexual energy and how it was used in the past compared to what it developed into.

  • Learn how sexual energy works with the energetic centres of the body.

  • Gain insight into why Tantra is so limited, and in some practices damaging, when it comes to sexual energy and why this well kept secret can change your life.

  • Understand your limitations in pleasure

  • Learn to remove Inhibitions and explore how energy can intensity pleasure

  • Gain complete confidence with your sexual self

  • Improve your relationships by understanding the power of your sexual energy


  • Available as a 4 or 8 week course

  • Choose from a list of powerful subjects to develop a program specific to you

  • Gain insight directly from the Shaman herself guiding you every step of the way through the program

  • You will receive personal support and guidance directly throughout the course

  • The program can be extended upon completion

  • The is for beginners and the advanced as the program caters to the individual.

  • If you want to learn to Master Sexual Energy then this is where to start.


As the Shaman of Ancient Traditions, Hally, has been providing this program to her clients for years specific to their healing and empowerment. Now it is being released to the public. The results of activating sexual energy includes increasing vitality, improving relationships, improved health, healing certain physical conditions, improving pleasure in the bedroom and a deepening of the spiritual connection. Some of her students are now developing into the Sexual Energy Practitioner course (being released soon).


This is the perfect way to learn about sexual energy, how energy works with life force energy and why to date sexual energy is only the beginning of true alignment. Learn from the true Master of Sexual Energy and Sexual Therapy: Call today: 0488 88 0077.


4 Week Program


4 Weeks of Intensive Learning

Intensive Support & Guidance

Weekly Face to Face (or Skype)

Practical Implementation

8 Week Program


8 Weeks of Extensive Learning

Personal Guidance & Support

Fortnightly Face to Face (or Skype)

Practical Implementation

​Plus extras not to be missed!!