There are many different versions of soul work that are available and most will be dependent on the practitioner and the extent of their expertise as to how much they can actually help you.


Shamanic Soul Work with Hally, at Creative Balance Healing, is a powerful way to heal, connect, rebuild and much more. It is not something to be done lightly given it can be intense with the results. However, for serious situations where the soul is disconnected, lost, stuck in limbo or perhaps has been plagued with different negative influences, this is a wonderful way to realign the spiritual with the human and feel complete once more.


Think about the times where you may have felt that being human was a little foreign or distant. This is where soul work can help you bring the two together and enable you to feel whole. 


The Shamanic version works closely with the universal energies and all that is in between to provide safe and comprehensive guidance allowing you to receive exactly what you need to help you. These particular techniques are unique to Creative Balance Healing and it is for this reason that they work so extremely well.

The purer the technique, the closer you are to the origin of the technique the more you will gain; and given it is coming directly from the Original Shaman herself, there really is no better.