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  • Learn to develop to intuition, your gifts and abilities as well as using them in the day to day of life. 

  • Gain knowledge of the history of the spiritual realms not commonly known by others let alone available on the internet.

  • Access parts of the brain previously untapped in ways that are easy yet very effective

  • Available as a 6 or 12 week course

  • Choose from a list of powerful subjects to develop a program specific to you

  • Gain insight directly from the Shaman herself guiding you every step of the way through the program

  • No limitations to the program. 

  • The is for beginners or the advanced as the program caters to the individual.


As the leader in the field of Spiritual/Metaphysical, Hally is the Shaman of Ancient Methods that is finally making this knowledge and her extensive expertise available to you. The results of the activation of your gifts can come as quickly as within a couple of weeks and the development is only as limited as the dedication of the student. Some of her students have gone onto becoming well known practitioners themselves.


This is the perfect way to learn about your spiritual path, your purpose with the guided and blessed assistance of the expert in the industry. Learn about your enlightenment and take steps to feeling this sooner than you ever thought possible. Book Now: 0488 88 0077.

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6 Week Program


6 Weeks of Intensive Learning

Weekly Face to Face (or Skype)

Intensive support & Guidance

Practical Implementation

12 Week Program


12 Weeks of Extensive Learning

Personal Support & Guidance

Fortnightly Face to Face (or Skype)

Practical Implementation

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