The Spiritual and Energetic are not the same thing, yet both play a crucial role in healing, alignment and fulfillment.


The Spiritual is part of who you are. It is your higher-self, it is your intuition, it is the essence that makes you complete. Your spiritual journey is about bringing this part of you out from the unconscious into conscious awareness and using this in a practical way.


The Energetic (or energy) is what binds all of your aspects - the Mind, Body, Spirit - into one. Some call this the vital force. This is what provides power and connectivity from your higher-self to your emotions to your neurons/nerves to your biological/physical. Your energy is the frequency of your life force vibration that is directed by your spiritual self. Together it is what enables you to become enlightened and communicate beyond the physical world.


Both the Spiritual and Energetic are unique yet, combined. As such, each can be focused on specificcally or collectively, meaning that certain aspects or challenges within the person as a whole can be isolated through these two areas, which provide a deeper and more comprehensive insight. Whether wanting to release some tension, gain some clarity or overcome difficult challenges, the Spiritual and Energetic are a beautiful, albeit powerful way to do this very effectively.


Psychic and Beyond is about enjoying a beautiful Psychic Reading, whether via Oracle Cards or receiving an accurate Energy Reading. Then it is about providing you the opportunity to take this further, much further.


Because of the expanse of what is available at Creative Balance Healing and what Hally can do, it is only fitting to offer this to you in a way that will provide insight, clarity, focus and options.


Psychic and Beyond includes Mediumship readings, Channeling readings, inter-dimensional readings, psychometery readings or past life readings (different to regression and healing). Sometimes what is influencing is more than you may see and this means you can now ask that question.


While Psychic Readings are common, what is on offer here is a lot more indepth and will allow you to ask the questions you never knew you wanted to ask. No longer waste your time with practitioners that tell you what you already know. Come and find out something you want to know through to discovering the options you have. Nothing is ever set in stone and now you can explore what this means for you.


Energy Healing is focused on your actual energetic flow within your body and being. There are many forms of healing available and most would depend on what you would like to achieve that will determine the best treatment version.


Energy Healing is focused on frequency. This is where your natural energy is sitting and often when you are ill or suffering from stress or emotional challenges, your natural frequency will decrease. This then makes you more susceptible to low grade illnesses, unable to ward off negativity attacks and overall more sensitive.


Energy Healing options include Sound Healing, Colour Therapy to Sensory Healing and Transe Therapy. This assists in removing what is causing the frequency to drop as well as assisting this to rise back to where it should be. 


Creative Balance Healing uses unique techniques that are always affective and always exactly what you need. Energy Healing is not limited given the flexibility of how energy flows. As such, when nothing else seems to work this is a great place to start.


Energy Healing is highly recommended.


Vibrational Medicine works on the vibration of your life force energy working on alignment of your energetic centres and removing blockages from the core areas - mind, body, spirit. 


Different to Energy Healing, Vibrational Medicine works on a deeper level getting to the core of what is going on while healing at the same time. Often when something serious is being experienced this can be blocked in one of the core areas and be experienced as unique pains, often not coming up in scans or examinations. It is energetic pain with a physical application.


This is where Vibrational Medicine is very affective. Vibrational Medicine commonly includes methods like Reiki, Crystal Healing and Shamanic Healing. Creative Balance Healing however, takes these methods and enhances them ten fold by the elemental energies and universal techniques amplifying the vibration and ultimately the impact of the medicine.


Vibrational Medicine is recommended for serious conditions on any and all levels. It is known for having high success in even the most challenging of health areas.