Hally Rhiannon-Nammu


Some of Hally's accolades include:



Internationally renowned Spiritual Guru and Shaman, Hally Rhiannon-Nammu, is providing you with the opportunity to access and experience her extensive knowledge and expansive ability in the Metaphysical, Spiritual, Energetic, Paranormal and Behavioural.


Hally has been highly recognised globally and is highly reputable in all of these areas. Her passionate, dedicated and down-to-earth nature simply highlights her modest disposition as an expert. 


Hally encompasses extensive abilities that do little to truly emphasize her gifts and the extent of what she can do for you. Some of the common titles include: Psychic Witch, Spiritual Healer, the Sage, Energetic Reader, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, etc, Lightworker, Medical Intuitive, Medium, Channeler, Divine Teacher, and the list goes on. The simplest is the Original Shaman. An all encompassing intense title that comes with a universal responsibility requiring absolute judgement free, ego free and the capacity to connect all. 

Hally's elaborate and extensive qualifications include:


  • Master of Metaphsyical and Ancient Energetic Traditions

  • The Original Elder of Ancient Shamanic Practices

  • Reiki Master & Crystal Healing Master

  • Behavioural Change Disciplines including: NLP, Timeline Therapy, Advanced Life Coaching, Performance Coaching, Behavioural Profiling, Holistic Counseling, Behavioural Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Transpersonal Therapy, Sexual Therapy and Relationship Counseling.

  • Metaphysical Disciplines including: Past Life Healing, Animal Healing, Chakra Alignment & Balancing, Past Life Regression, Askashic Record Accessing, Astral Travelling, Dream Travelling, Channeling, Soul Retrieval, Mediumship, Tarot/Oracle Cards, Runes, Sexual Energy, Paranormal (end to end), Witchcraft, Paganism, Totem Animals, Spirit Guides, Animal Guides, Angel Communication, Yoga & Meditation. 

  • Master of Arts in Writing

  • An International Author of 9 Books -

  • PhD in Metaphysics/Transpersonal Counseling (under completion)

  • Shamanic Sage, Divine Teacher/Master for all Metaphysical Principles, and beyond

  • Professional Member of APA (Australian Psychics Association)