Vibrational Medicine is a powerful way to overcome illnesses that have affected one or all areas of your being - within the mind, body or spirit. Commonly Vibrational Medicine includes: Reiki, Crystal Healing and forms of Shamanic Healing. 


Vibrational Medicine works on removing blockages, disconnections, energetic dirt (that becomes physical illnesses) and emotional blockages within your chakras. It helps to create flow to your chakras, removing why they were not working properly. It enables the chakras to go back to their appropriate speed, reconnect and assist your vital force to flow consistently and naturally through all of your energetic centres. This is only the beginning of what it can do. After this, is when the real work takes place and the deeper process begins.


Vibrational Medicine is recommended for more serious conditions, challenges and situations, because it is indepth and goes through all your of aspects and areas at the same time, enabling balance and promoting self healing once equilibrium has been restored.


Vibrational Medicine has been used for physical illnesses, emotional conditions and even a combination providing positive results. There have been some cases that have been healed for illnesses otherwise thought impossible.


At Creative Balance Healing, because of the Original Shaman and her unique skillset, you can be rest assured that Vibrational Medicine here is very powerful and very potent. When combined with the Shamanic Universal Energies healing is inevitable.