As we expand our knowledge and awareness, our beliefs shift as does our vibrational energies. We learn to work with our Spirit Guides embracing their knowledge and guidance, whilst learning about our purpose in this life and what it means in the greater scheme of things.


We feel the earth retaliating against the increasing amount of lost souls trying to regain balance and head towards the coming years. As we enable our conscious minds to spiral inward and assist us connect to our higher-self, we cannot help and witness those that have not reached spiritual awareness or connectedness struggle in making simple decisions. Be it because Mercury is in retrograde or the corresponding astrological sign impact on the energies for the month.


Maybe it is as simple as being consumed by material items because they are too afraid to go into something that has no logical explanation or room for anything of the unknown. More and more I hear many doubt their religious beliefs because it doesn’t sit with how they perceive themselves. 


Consequently, there is no right or wrong, only what works for you and the greater good, and that which harms you and the greater good. For those that are not open to anything other than what they have been told, it leaves them feeling lost, confused and seeking something they don’t even know themselves.


So, what does this all mean? I have always had an interest in Metaphysics, even before I was aware there was a name for it. It can be challenging to find terms that actually encompasses all that is and it is this that I found covers it the best. Though, admittedly this has its own limitations. Metaphysics can be defined as the study of nature and its reality. It is the question of what is it, why is it and how we can comprehend it.

It can be perceived as the study of “invisible” nature, or what I like to call the spiritual. This includes natural, supernatural and how we perceive our reality. The term Metaphysics is a Greek term which means “the books after the books on nature”. A strange definition, I admit. Initially this study was a collection of notes that encompassed all the wonderful things some of us consider normal as Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and the list goes on and on.


Like anything, because this is difficult to prove scientifically there have always been sceptics and those that would like to harm anyone that believes differently to the majority. 


So, how is our reality defined? Is it through our values and beliefs? Is it through the development of all of our lives up to this particular point? Is it the meaning that we attach and the strategies that we play every day?


Perhaps it is all of the above and then some. Metaphysics is a study and as we find our way on our journey, fulfilling and enlightening our souls, it all is relative to the overall. It is all relative to how we want it to be.